Customer Partners

We’re proud to serve national grocery chains, local grocery chains, and foodservice providers throughout the eastern United States and Canada. Our reputation for delivering the freshest, highest quality product on short notice is what differentiates us versus our competition. We strategically select product that aligns with our customers’ market position and deliver it to your dock or distribution center.

At Ben B Schwartz & Sons, our customers’ success is our success. Let’s grow together!

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Shipper/Grower Partners

Over the course of more than a century in the produce business, Ben B Schwartz & Sons has developed an extremely well refined group of shipper partners. However, we are always interested to connect with new partners, bring new products to market, and speak to like-minded companies who are driving high quality produce into the marketplace. If you’re a shipper that we don’t currently do business with, we’d love to hear from you.

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Transportation Partners

As important as the quality of the product itself, getting it there timely and accurately, while maintaining load integrity and food safety standards is equally as important. At Ben B Schwartz & Sons, we’re striving to become a shipper of choice. If you’re a carrier that understands the intricacies of fresh produce transportation, we’d love to connect and hear about the primary lanes your company services.

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