Food Quality & Safety

Food safety is a core value at Ben B. Schwartz & Sons, Inc. and is integrated into every level of operation in our organization.

We believe that careful preparation is the only way to food safety. That’s why we are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, adhere to GMP best practices, and are verified by third-party audits from SCS Global Services.

We work with our experts on staff to use and apply research from external foundations to stay up to speed with the evolution of food safety practices and standards.

We use scientific research from organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, Produce Marketing Association, United Fresh Produce Association, Food Marketing Institute, International Foodservice Distributors Association, along with other trade associations.

We are proud to be able to say that all of our produce can be traced back to its source, including country of origin.

At Ben B. Schwartz & Sons, Inc., we are dedicated to food safety as a key component to our company culture.

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