Hands holding freshly unearthed potatoes.

From Field to Fork

Since 1906, Ben B. Schwartz & Sons, Inc. has been delivering the world’s freshest produce. We are a leading wholesale distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables, located on the Detroit, Michigan Produce Terminal, serving local and national chain stores, as well as foodservice providers. Our distribution network spans the majority of the U.S. and Canada, from Toronto to Atlanta and beyond. Each day, produce arrives to us from farms across the globe via plane, train, trailer, and vessel. We’re proud to have garnered a reputation of responsiveness, agility, and trustworthiness, helping our customer’s deliver on their promises each and every day. From seed to shelf; from field to fork.

Ben B. Advantages


Best in class technology, driving efficiency with our trading partners


Adjusting to market shifts in real-time and taking a proactive approach is what gives our relationships longevity


When you need it, where you need it – we work 24/7 to deliver for our customers


High quality produce, meeting or exceeding the demands of retail and food service markets